Talks from Influential React Native Leaders

Chain React 2018 presents a line-up of top influential leaders in React Native.
Keynote Speakers
TWO Talks
Kent C. Dodds
Simply React
Thur, July 12 @ 9am
Tracy Lee
This Dot Labs
How Reactive Programming Makes Developer Lives Easier
Fri, July 13 @ 9am
20+ Talks
July 12-13, 2018
Darin Wilson
Infinite Red
Debugging and Beyond with Reactotron
Thur, July 12 @ 10:30am
TC Davis
All Together Now
Thur, July 12 @ 9:30am
Detox: A year in. Building it, testing with it
Thur, July 12 @ 11:30am
Samantha Bretous
Major League Soccer
From Sketch to Code: Designing a Component Kit
Thur, July 12 @ 11am
Ray Deck
Element 55
Lightning Talk
Machine Learning and React Native
Thur, July 12 @ 1:40pm
Erin Fox
Major League Soccer
Lightning Talk
Learning React Native as a Junior Engineer
Thur, July 12 @ 1:30pm
Erica Cooksey
Lightning Talk
React Native at Eaze: Marijuana Delivered
Thur, July 12 @ 2pm
Adrien Thiery
Lightning Talk
Customize Your Boilerplate to Speed Up Development with Ignite
Thur, July 12 @ 1:50pm
Vladimir Novick
Building AR Apps with React Native
Thur, July 12 @ 2:30pm
Andy Mockler
Lightning Talk
How TypeScript Ruined My Life (In a Good Way)
Thur, July 12 @ 2:10pm
Robert Scarano
Organizing Code for Cross-Platform Web and Mobile Development
Thur, July 12 @ 4:30pm
Jen Luker
Formidable Labs
Be a React Native A11y
Thur, July 12 @ 4pm
Peggy Rayzis
Apollo GraphQL
GraphQL State Management for React Native
Fri, July 13 @ 10:30am
Ram N
The State of React Native
Fri, July 13 @ 9:30am
Michaela Lehr
GeilDanke VR
WebXR: A New Dimension for the Web
Fri, July 13 @ 11:30am
Harry Tormey
Strategies for Using React Native in a Brownfield App
Fri, July 13 @ 11am
Ori Harel
Using SVG in React Native
Fri, July 13 @ 4pm
Mike Grabowski
Reason ML and You -A Fireside Chat with Mike
Fri, July 13 @ 2pm
Jani Eväkallio
Formidable Labs
Good Enough Still Isn't Good Enough
Fri, July 13 @ 4:30pm
July 13, 2018
Gant Laborde
Gant Laborde
Infinite Red
Kyle Shevlin
Kyle Shevlin
Panel Host
Jen Luker
Jen Luker
Formidable Labs
Sanket Sahu
Sanket Sahu
Geeky Ants
Eric Vicenti
Eric Vicenti
Aven Cloud
Trevor Brindle
Trevor Brindle
Modus Create

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