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Ankita Kulkarni

Senior Software Developer at

Ankita started her career in software development as a contractor helping small businesses develop their apps. She is currently a software developer at in Toronto focussed on building web applications for clients using modern JavaScript. Prior to, she was at IBM, Canada working at IBM Cloud Garage building web and mobile applications using artificial intelligence, IoT, modern JavaScript, and native languages for about 4 years in. Ankita has helped several organizations transform their stack in modern JS, helped adapt the DevOps culture shift and works a lot with clients. For fun, Ankita has been playing Trampoline dodgeball since January 2015 and enjoys swimming a lot.

Beyond the RN Benchmark

While building a React Native app, you should think of scalability from the get-go. A native mobile app goes through a lot of different phases - deployment, internalization, component practices, handling assets, offline support, complex animations and a lot more. In this talk, I will go through some of the best practices you should consider from setting up a project, challenges most react native app faces to scalability. At the end of this talk, you will go home with practices you can apply to your projects and feel more confident doing so. 🚀