Leland Richardson

Vaishali Anand

Software Engineer at Geeky Ants

Software Engineer at GeekyAnts, ranked #1 in Google search result for React Native developers. I'm a curious, confident and smart girl who picks up things very fast and adjusts and adapts even faster, be it entering the amazing new world of React Native or the exciting realms of corporate world itself. I believe a man and a woman are equals, but the world needs more women who can prove that. Here's a girl hoping she can do precisely that.

RN through the eyes of a Pessimist

Lightning Talk

Developing cross platform mobile apps has never been easier thanks to React Native. We have used it, loved it and recommended it. But what's under the hood? The old and new architectures, interaction between threads, bridge or no bridge, competition with other frameworks and libraries, from inception to deployment, and how it changed my opinion about developers, all of it, from the perspective of a young React Native developer and lover!