Talks from Influential React Leaders

Chain React 2018 presents a line-up of top influential leaders in React Native.
Keynote Speakers
TWO Talks
Kent C. Dodds
Simply React
Thur, July 12 @ 9am
Tracy Lee
This Dot Labs
Reactive Programming: Why You Should Care and How to Write More Future Proof Code
Fri, July 13 @ 9am
20+ Talks
July 12-13, 2018
Darin Wilson
Infinite Red
React Native Web
Thur, July 12 @ 10:30am
TC Davis
Moving Fast and Fixing Things
Thur, July 12 @ 9:30am
Detox: A year in. Building it, Testing with it
Thur, July 12 @ 11:30am
Samantha Bretous
Major League Soccer
From Sketch to Code: Designing a Component Kit
Thur, July 12 @ 11am
Ray Deck
Element 55
Lightning Talk
Local AI with CoreML and TensorFlow Lite - and More!
Thur, July 12 @ 1:40pm
Erin Fox
Major League Soccer
Lightning Talk
Learning React Native as a Junior Engineer
Thur, July 12 @ 1:30pm
Erica Cooksey
Lightning Talk
React Native at Eaze: Marijuana Delivered
Thur, July 12 @ 2pm
Adrien Thiery
Lightning Talk
Customize Your Boilerplate to Speed Up Development with Ignite
Thur, July 12 @ 1:50pm
Mike Grabowski
ReasonML and You - A Fireside Chat with Mike
Thur, July 12 @ 2:30pm
Andy Mockler
Lightning Talk
How TypeScript Ruined My Life (In a Good Way)
Thur, July 12 @ 2:10pm
Robert Scarano
Organizing Code for Cross-Platform Web and Mobile Development
Thur, July 12 @ 4:30pm
Houssein Djirdeh
Thinking Offline with React Native
Thur, July 12 @ 4pm
Peggy Rayzis
Apollo GraphQL
Apollo GraphQL
Fri, July 13 @ 10:30am
Ram N
React Native: Under Construction
Fri, July 13 @ 9:30am
Michaela Lehr
GeilDanke VR
WebXR: A New Dimension For The Web
Fri, July 13 @ 11:30am
Harry Tormey
Strategies For Using React Native In A Brownfield App
Fri, July 13 @ 11am
Ori Harel
Using SVG in React Native
Fri, July 13 @ 4pm
Vlad Novick
Author, “React Native - Building Mobile Apps with JavaScript”
Building AR Apps with React Native
Fri, July 13 @ 2pm
Jani Eväkallio
Formidable Labs
Animate Everything!
Fri, July 13 @ 4:30pm

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