The people behind all of the React Native work 

We’re not your traditional agency. We do build and ship React Native apps for our clients, but we’re also committed helping build the community. Some content here about the podcast, chain react, etc?

Let us introduce ourselves

We’re a team of senior React Native developers and designers

We work with clients all over the world to help them build and ship their React native apps. Specific things we’ve worked with clients for? (Zoom, Mercari, etc)

Note about culture of work at IR. Values here with focus on how we work, what it’s like to work with us. Tie in back to community aspect. tbeat of Infinite Red. We believe in paying it forward, which is how we’ve become known as the standout leaders in the space. React Native’s become the hearHey there! If you’ve come to this page you’re probably wondering what about our team is so cool. No? Ok well we’re not mind readers, but we are pretty knowledgeable about React Native. We’ll keep the focus there then. 

collage of photos including a full team photo and others of a few people during past team retreats
The React Native community

Reach out to us in the community, we’d love to say hi

It’s not just about shipping apps. We’re all in when it comes to React Native. As a team of seniors, we actively seek out ways to share knowlege. Say hi to us at a conference. Message us on Twitter (or our community Slack.)

We also host and curate a few things: the React Native Radio podcast, the U.S. React Native conference, Chain React, and the React Native Newsletter.

Zoom video thumbnails of Infinite Red team members from React Native Radio
React Native Radio

Get to know us on the podcast

We share the latest in React Native, interview guests on specialized topics, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Mention award nomination in a way that it doesn’t feel braggy or become dated soon?

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Ready to get started? Chat with our team over zoom

There’s no perfect time to get started. Whether you have a formal proposal or a few napkin sketches, we’re always happy to chat about your project at any stage of the process.

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