Infinite Red Presents Chain React 2018

The US React Native Conference. July 11-13, 2018 in Portland.

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Design And UX

Creating honest solutions to your toughest design problems.

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We Live By Three Basic Principles

While we hold the aesthetics in high regard, we believe that a truly successful design is measured by whether or not it can accomplish real goals. Our process is built to revolve around three basic principles: ease of use, measurable goals, and striking visuals.

Principle 1

It’s Effortless to the User

A positive user experience begins with a design that doesn’t require any training. When we set out on a new design, we’re consistently looking for intuitive ways to make it as easy as possible for users to pick up. As we like to remind ourselves, the best designs are those that feel effortless.

Principle 2

The Goals Are Measurable

In our experience, we’ve come to find that there are two sets of goals: business goals and user goals. Our process aims to fuse those together under a set of goals that are both realistic and measurable.

Principle 3

It’s Visually Pleasing

Goals and usability lay the groundwork for our team to create a visually unique experience. Our design team can create iconography and entire systems that make websites and apps truly engaging for the end user.

See how we solve those problems

Our approach to design

We aim to understand your product before we start designing it

Phase 1

Identify the Problem

It can almost be said that design is only as good as the preparation that goes into it. It’s for this reason that we work hard to identify what it is we’re trying to solve. Not only do we help figure out what that problem is, but we then set measurable goals that will let us know if we successfully solved it. When we know what the problem is and how we’re going to measure it, we can begin experimenting with concepts that solve the equation.

Phase 2

Wireframing + Prototyping

Once we have our sights set on what the problem is, we can begin experimenting with different ways to solve it. One of the downsides in a typical design process is that a static rendering only conveys so much. In order to fully communicate how it is that the final product should function, we’ve adapted to new tools and workflows that allow for rapid prototyping. The best part of all is that these wireframes and prototypes are viewable on both mobile and web devices so that we’re designing within the context that users will see it in.

Phase 3

Pixel Perfect Mockups

The final step in our process is really just the icing the cake. The problem has already been identified, we’ve already experimented and chosen the right path forward on how to solve it, so now it’s time to make it look like a final product. Our design team is not only current on modern design trends and best practices, but we also have the design capabilities to make it unique. Whether it’s sketching a custom icon or fixing that last pixel, our designers have a keen eye for the small details. All of this adds up to a product with a strong focus, user experience, and looks beautiful all at the same time.

A Look Over Our Shoulder

Design Disciplines

Production Ready

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Pixel Perfect Mockups

User Experience

  • UI/UX Design
  • Usability Audits
  • User Testing

Platform Specific

  • Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • Android OS (Phones/Tablets)
  • Responsive Websites/apps

Special Skills

  • Design Systems / Style Guides
  • Custom Iconography
  • Interaction Mockups

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