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What We Do

At our core, we create beautiful functional software. Our team of experienced designers and engineers have worked with many startups and businesses. We’ve been designing and developing software for over 10 years.

Our Capabilities

Whether you need an iOS, Android, Mac, web app, or custom website, we can design and develop it for your startup or business. We won't just take your product and run with it, we want to build a dynamic, longstanding client/agency partnership, working closely with you from start to finish.

Meet Our New Orleans Area Members

Gant Laborde
Chief Technology Strategist
New Orleans, LA

Gant Laborde is a long standing developer and public speaker. He's been published in magazines, authored a book, featured in blogs, podcasts, and speaks at technical events worldwide. Aside from teaching and working on Ruby projects, Gant is forging the React-Native mobile for Infinite Red.

Frank von Hoven
Software Engineer
New Orleans, LA

Frank von Hoven developed an interest in programming at a young age after writing a few programs in QBASIC. At IR he currently enjoys doing mobile development in the React Native Framework. Frank plays eight instruments, sings, composes and records music, acts, and performs regionally on stage.

I'm happy to give Infinite Red a referral. I've been working with them for a year and a half and they have been a great software partner. We've done over 20 small OSX apps with them and are working on a couple of projects right now. It's a great model they have. They are extremely good programmers and know the iOS OSX platforms very well. RubyMotion is a quick and solid way to develop an app. I've used the RubyMotion Language for about 6 years (since it was MacRuby and OSX only). Infinite Red is staffed by kind and considerate people and are very easy to work with.

Shaun August

Director of Design at Eos Lightmedia

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