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Pitch It. Fund It.

Building a company is hard. Unless you’re an experienced founder, funding a company can feel downright impossible. Built specifically for entrepreneurs, the Startup Package will help you pitch your app to investors and maximize your chance of getting funded.

In a few short weeks, you'll have:

  • Clearly defined user personas based on market research and actual user testing
  • Complete visual design and UX for your app
  • An interactive, demo-ready mockup to show off to investors
  • A polished, professional pitch deck
  • Everything you need to build an MVP, including detailed system architecture, development timeline and cost estimate
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Why the Startup Package?

Insights you can use

We won’t just make a good-looking prototype (though we’ll do that, too!). Our talented designers and UI experts will help you understand your users, validate your idea and help you achieve product-market fit.

Help pitching & presenting

The Startup Package includes an interactive prototype that’s clickable and ready to pitch to investors, along with a complete pitch deck to help you sell your vision and an estimate for what it all costs to build.

Industry experience

We’ll leverage our extensive knowledge and connections to teach you more about the world of startups and venture capital. Where relevant, we’ll even introduce you to advisors and VCs in our network!

The Startup Package Process

Phase 1: User Research and Testing

First, we’ll get clear on your goals, product idea and target market. Then we’ll dive into user research, including tests with actual users in your target market, to define clear user personas, as well as what they’d expect in a minimum viable product.

Phase 2: Design and Iterate

With an eye toward your intended customers and industry, we’ll identify your UX goals and requirements and create visual designs that are functional, attractive, and user-friendly. It’s a highly iterative process, and we’ll involve you at every step.

Phase 3: Prototype

Once the design process is complete, we’ll create an interactive, clickable and tappable mockup of your app that’s ready to demo to VCs. Why tell potential investors your concept when you can show them?

Phase 4: Presentation & Specs

Last but not least, you’ll get a polished pitch deck that shows off your vision and makes it easier to pitch your idea. We’ll also include a detailed system architecture and cost estimate so you know exactly what it will take to build your app.

Some of our recent work

“The team at Infinite Red brought me from an idea, to reality. They worked with me and added a unique perspective to my project and created something beyond what I had imagined. They took the time to listen to what I needed and quickly made it something beautiful and cohesive! My experience with this design team was unparalleled!”

Deby Aho


Have more questions?

Have you actually helped companies secure funding?

Yes! We’ve had multiple companies work with us on the initial concept, secure funding for their app, and then return to us for development. When that happens, it’s the best feeling in the world (in case you’re wondering).

I found someone who can build me an entire app for $10k. Why should I work with you?

Getting funded is about more than having the technology. It’s about product-market fit. It’s about understanding your market and potential growth trajectory. It’s about learning how to sell your vision. And frankly, it’s about who you know. We provide all of that and more.

What's the typical timeframe?

Our turn-around for the Startup Package is typically 6-8 weeks, depending on the budget and time you have to invest.

What if I want the app fully developed?

Infinite Red has a full team of developers to support your app from beginning to end. After your Startup Package is complete, we will provide a quote for full development.

I've already started. Is the startup package still right for me?

Absolutely! Wherever your project is currently on the timeline, we can help. We have worked with brands at all different stages of the startup process.

I'm nervous. Can you help with that?

Entrepreneurship can certainly be daunting. You don't have to do it alone—we've got your back.

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