When the founder of Kitzen needed a team to rescue her fledgling RubyMotion and Rails apps, she came to Infinite Red. We were able to re-use much of the existing code while providing an overhaul of the problematic areas, and updated the look and feel to the new Kitzen branding and style guide.

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Starting a new project is always fun, but we're equally good at rescuing legacy projects or consulting/managing in-house teams. We inherited an overhaul of the design of an existing RubyMotion iOS app and two Rails apps. The client was told the app would have to be rewritten from scratch by other app development companies, but we were able to handle the implementation of the new design, feel, and look the client had developed. We also reused a vast majority of the functionality of the legacy app. Working with legacy RubyMotion and Ruby on Rails is sometimes a challenge, but we were more than up to the task. We were able to build upon the app's foundation and expand the client's options for adding new functionality. We also internationalized the entire app to Spanish (I18n) and implemented a map feature using neighborhoods of Mexico City to establish delivery service zones. Once we finished the bulk of the app, we handed it off to the client's in-house development team, and are now overseeing the project from a very high level, providing code review and guidance where necessary. Additionally, we served as a resource for guidance on best practices of App Store policies.

It has been a pleasure working with the Infinite Red team. They took over my project and really made a difference. They are effective and professional, always making sure I was taken care of. I appreciate their good attitude and their willingness to help in any circumstance.

Maria Villalpando


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