Engaging Students On a New Level

ReflEQ is a platform designed to improve learning outcomes by bridging the gap between teachers and students. It helps students provide feedback to teachers, reflect on their progress, and learn critical thinking skills. Thoughtfully designed with accessibility in mind, we're incredibly proud to present ReflEQ - an app built to complement the learning process from beginning to end.

User Journey Mapping
Information Architecture
User Experience Design
Visual Design
Invision Prototyping
iOS Development
Android Development
Our objective was to allow students and teachers of a variety of ages and tech skills reflect on progress quickly, easily, and accessibly. We achieved this with a simple, intuitive design that’s quick-loading on any machine or connection. Choosing the right typeface was crucial for engagement and readability. We chose Proxima Soft for its unique balance of personality and scalability, which make it simultaneously warm and refined. It was important that the app feel calm and meditative, as learning can be stressful enough without an added barrier.
"The client mentioned the app was generating praise from her test groups. The consensus was that it was delightful to use, intuitive, and beautifully designed. It’s always nice to hear that projects are doing well in the wild."
cindy nguyen, designer at infinite red
Teachers traditionally have little to no visibility into student metacognition. Through the unique combination of journals, polls, and project portfolios our design team developed, teachers are provided with greater insight into their students' learning process.<br><br>On the technical side, we built the application using Elixir Phoenix with ReactJS on the frontend. This was also our first GraphQL project, utilizing an Elixir library called Absinthe. GraphQL has been a highlight of the project for everyone involved in the project, as it's a pleasure to work with and gives the client a lot of flexibility.
Through a close working partnership with our client, we created ReflEQ to be an easy-to-use learning feedback app that helps students and teachers work together more effectively for a better learning experience.