Mobile Development

We specialize in mobile design and development in React Native and RubyMotion on both iOS and Android. We work with you to develop your entire app, an MVP, or if you just need a boost, we can do that too. We can rescue a struggling project. We can provide advice and direction, and train your developers in the finer points of building iOS applications.

We help you:

  • know what's going on; we're very good communicators, there are no surprises
  • reduce risk; we've done this many times before on many types of projects
  • keep your project organized and efficient; we're mature professionals
  • get started immediately with little spin-up time

We develop mobile apps using React Native or RubyMotion. We designed and built our own app, Temple, and we've built many iPhone, iPad, Android, and OS X apps for our clients throughout the world.

Mobile devices


We are heavily involved in the opensource community. This gives us fantastic access to talent, allows us to give back, and we will always be current with the latest libraries and techniques.

We created the most popular RubyMotion libraries: ProMotion, RMQ, RedPotion, BluePotion (Android version of RedPotion), and CDQ. We created and write the official RubyMotion newsletter, the RubyMotion Dispatch. We co-organized the RubyMotion conference and we run the San Francisco and Portland RubyMotion Meetups.

Process diagram
  • Ruby on Rails, PHP
  • SQL-based Databases
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Shopify
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom web Apps
  • e-commerce

Web Development

We craft each website to achieve clear objectives and create meaningful user experiences that drive business forward.

Evaluate & Strategize

We’ll work together to uncover clear business objectives for your site. Because your success is so dependent on engaging your website audience, we take a user-centric approach. We analyze on-site interaction and behavior patterns to develop a clear picture of your customers’ needs and identify the best strategies to achieve them.

Design & Develop

With objectives and strategy identified, we begin to design the experience we want users to have and the behaviors we want them to take. This means focusing the information architecture, content, and user experience (UX). We package all of this in a compelling visual design and work closely with our developers as they bring the site to life. Rest assured that our developers use clean, modern code to create a sustainable foundation for your site.

Optimize & Launch

To be certain your site performs, we take extra time before launching it to ensure it's optimized to meet objectives. Each site we create is bug tested, goes through a OA process, is tied to analytics, and is configured for basic SEO best practices. Depending on our project, we also conduct user testing and set up customized performance reporting.

We proudly serve clients in eight countries

We're building high visibility medical software for some of the world's leading firms. Infinite Red has been an invaluable and trusted partner with deep development expertise, excellent product vision, and the muscle to get the job done!
Steve Shreve, CTO at Crossover Health
Dan Aronson, CTO of Fandor
We really appreciate all the help Infinite Red provided to us when building our app: mentoring, building features, and fixing hard to find bugs. They were always available, always professional, and a real pleasure.
Joel Oliveira, Lead Developer at Change Collective
Having Infinite Red available as a mentor has helped us move forward with less trepidation. We know an experienced and knowledgeable developer is a Skype call away and ready to guide us in the right direction. So, as newcomers to the iOS world, Infinite Red has been indispensable. Thank you!

Our Team

Todd Werth
Founder & CEO
San Francisco, California
Creator of RMQ. Core contributor of BluePotion and RedPotion. Editor of the official RubyMotion newsletter, the Dispatch.
Ken Miller
Founder & CFO/CTO
San Francisco, California
Creator of CDQ.
Jamon Holmgren
Founder & COO
Portland, Oregon
Creator of ProMotion. Core contributor of BluePotion and RedPotion.


Gant Laborde
Technical Lead & Senior Software Engineer
New Orleans, Louisiana
Core contributor of RMQ, RedPotion, and BluePotion
Darin Wilson
Senior Software Engineer
San Francisco, California
Master of Android and core contributor to BluePotion
Mark Rickert
Senior Software Engineer
United States
Core contributor of RMQ, ProMotion, and more. Feature contributor of BubbleWrap and other gems.
Steve Kellock
Senior Software Engineer
Toronto, Canada
Core contributor of RedPotion and BluePotion
Derek Greenberg
Senior Software Engineer
San Francisco, California
Co-editor of the RubyMotion Dispatch
Daniel Berkompas
Senior Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Ryan Linton
Software Engineer
Creator of Medic. Core contributor of ProMotion.
Yulian Glkhenko
Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Creator of Pave
Leon Kim
Software Engineer
South Korea
Silas Matson
Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Core contributor of ProMotion
Kevin VanGelder
Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Co-creator of ProMotion-IAP, Smart Bundler, and ClearSight (gem). Feature contributor of ProMotion.
Carlin Isaacson
Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Feature contributor of Medic & RedPotion
AJ Robertson
Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Zachary Berkompas
Junior Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon
Frank Von Hoven
Junior Software Engineer
New Orleans, Louisiana
Jessica Hori
Junior Software Engineer
Portland, Oregon


Justin Huskey
Lead Designer
Portland, Oregon


Jed Bartausky
Project Manager
Portland, Oregon
Shawni Danner
Administrative Coordinator
San Francisco, California

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