Designing a First Class Experience

Fortis Riders, a high-end chauffeur and private jet service, wanted their mobile apps updated to deliver a truly premium experience and to be made iOS 11-ready at the same time. A crucial component was ensuring that the user experience was effortless and cohesive across multiple apps. In the end, we designed four mobile apps and developed two of them in parallel.

Mobile Design
Custom Iconography
UX Strategy & User Flows
Full Wireframes
Visual Design
iOS and Android apps written in React Native
To give the Fortis apps a luxury feel, our design team created custom hand-drawn icons specific to Fortis as well as a comprehensive design system for any of the apps to pull from. We also had to decide how the apps should communicate and interconnect behind the scenes. If one thing changed in the Passengers app, for example, it needed to update the other apps.

At every stage of the decision-making process, we put the user first. We dug deep into the types of people who would be using these products, exploring what their day-to-day was like and how Fortis might seamlessly fit into their lives and routines. Then we designed the apps—their flow, their aesthetic, their function—around the user, ensuring that each step felt natural and consistent. The result? A sleek, smooth app system that delivers a first-class experience to a discerning audience.

"I was very proud of the comprehensive prototype that we were able to deliver to our dev team, and I think it really challenged our designers to explore a different level of problem solving." —Justin Huskey

"We used our development process to keep track of work on two separate but related React-Native apps for a single client within a single deadline and project budget, all while ensuring the client has full insight to our progress on the project." —Derek Greenberg

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