Arcade City

Crafting a ridesharing experience for the people

Arcade City isn't your typical ride-sharing network.

Arcade City isn't your typical ride-sharing network. The company combines blockchain, peer-to-peer collaboration, and local driver cooperatives to put power back in the hands of individual drivers and riders.

So it makes sense that Christopher David isn’t your typical CEO. Free with his opinions and ruthlessly efficient in his communication, he needed a partner to help translate his ambitious vision into a fully functional app. He found that partner in Infinite Red. With the help of our designers and engineers, the newest version of Arcade City will feature an intuitive user experience, custom illustration and iconography, and a cutting-edge technological foundation powered by React Native, Phoenix, and Ethereum.

Driving Design to Delivery

To translate Arcade City’s groundbreaking concept into a great app, we led them through a design process seeking true ease of use, measurable goals, and striking visuals. As a 100% remote company, we kicked things off with a virtual whiteboarding session between our designers and David’s team. That discovery meeting led to a clear set of objectives to drive and inform our product discovery and development strategy. We completed wireframing to greybox the user interface, to structure information, and to demonstrate functionality, and developed the first round of visual design to find the look and feel of the unique Arcade City brand experience.


It was important for our design system to be sustainable for future iterations, yet allow Arcade City to get to market quickly. We achieved this by developing an effective, efficient design system to wireframe the user experience.

At every step, our design was created by considering the actual user experience. Wireframing allowed us to quickly test different ideas to find a user flow that made it easy for riders to request rides and for drivers to accept.

Unlike Uber or Lyft, Arcade City is a single app for both riders and drivers, and it includes a social networking aspect for drivers through the use of guilds. The amount of options and freedom Arcade City offers to riders and drivers presented a design challenge, and wireframing allowed us to find a great solution.

We created a design system that allowed us to efficiently wireframe 250+ screens for a complete, throrough user experience.

Our in-depth discovery process enabled our designers to define a visual language that not only stood out from the competition, but offered a clear visual aesthetic for the Arcade City brand. "The design team read our mind with the aesthetic that we're going for and really built things in the right direction," said David.

"This was a rare occasion where the client gave us total freedom to let our imaginations run wild. Of course, we did our market research, but their trust in our process resulted in work we're really proud to share the client, our peers, and ultimately, the users."
cindy nguyen, designer at infinite red
The Outcome

Infinite Red is pushing the boundaries of mobile and web technology for Arcade City with the integration of React Native, Phoenix, and blockchain technology including the Ethereum cryptocurrency and the Arcade City Token. Our developers are working together to bring the design and app to life by conducting regular code reviews and tagging developers across multiple time zones.

"If you want consumer-focused user experience and solid technology to back that—and have it all handled thoroughly—you should definitely go with Infinite Red."
chris david, ceo of arcade city

Looking Towards the Future

Our developers are in the process of developing version 2.2, which gives the app a complete frontend facelift while preparing the backend for the integration with Ethereum and further differentiating Arcade City from their competition.

Meanwhile, our designers are already hard at work on version 2.3, which introduces payments and a number of other features that will transform Arcade City into a serious competitor in the ridesharing space.

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