Talks & Events

Tap, tap, is this thing on? Our team has given talks, led workshops, and trained engineering teams. We're not shy of the spotlight. Take a peek at some of the talks our team has given recently.

Rocket Ship #30 - Ignite React Native Projects with Frank Calise

Frank Calise

React Native news, insights & gossip with React Native Radio

Jamon Holmgren

Igniting React Native upgrades with Flame AI

Jamon Holmgren

Two keys to AI's Future

Gant Laborde

Outrage-driven development to take your React Native app up a level

Mark Rickert

AI in web: TensorFlow.js

Gant Laborde

React Native: 2022 and beyond

Jamon Holmgren, Gant Laborde

Amplify your audience

Gant Laborde

AI & Society episode 1: our homes

Gant Laborde


Chain React Conf

A US based conference exclusively for React Native bringing hundreds of developers together.

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