Infinite Red Presents Chain React 2018

The US React Native Conference. July 11-13, 2018 in Portland.

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React Native Development

Building cross-platform apps with efficiency and speed.

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World-Class Applications

We are leaders in React Native, a new technology for building native apps. We've worked with companies like Facebook and Microsoft on open source projects for mobile applications. With several high-profile React Native iOS and Android apps in the works, our team has reached another level of cross-platform app development efficiency and speed.

Recently, we created Ignite, the ideal starting app for React Native, best practices, generators, and more.

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Open Source Leaders

Our awesome development team has built dozens of popular open source libraries. We're known for our contributions and leadership in tech old and new. We publish the official React Native Newsletter, the creators of Reactotron and Ignite. We are also on the forefront of Elixir with Daniel's screencast.


If you're at a conference or meetup, you might run into an Infinite Red team member. We've hosted conferences in San Francisco, as well as meetups in Portland, San Francisco, New Orleans, and online.

The second ChainReact Conference is a two day, one-track React Native conference. To be held July 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

React Native Newsletter

If you are subscribed to the React Native Newsletter, you may have noticed that the newsletter recently gained a new logo and visual upgrades. With this and other improvements, we are happy to announce that Infinite Red and several partners, including and Exponent, have teamed up on the content curation and will be publishing the newsletter going forward.

Free weekly occasional summary of React Native news, articles, issues & pull requests, libraries and apps.

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