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Experts in mobile & web technologies. We create beautiful, functional mobile apps and websites.

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Our team of experienced designers and engineers have worked with many startups and businesses. We’ve been designing and developing software for over 10 years.

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We're constantly pushing our skills forward to provide our clients with the technology needed for modern applications.

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Our process starts by fully understanding the goals and outcomes of every project. We believe the best products are those that achieve real, measurable results.

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We're building high visibility medical software for some of the world's leading firms. Infinite Red has been an invaluable and trusted partner with deep development expertise, excellent product vision, and the muscle to get the job done!

Steve Shreve
CTO At Crossover Health

We really appreciate all the help Infinite Red provided to us when building our app. They were always available, always professional, and a real pleasure to work with.

Dan Aronson
CTO of Fandor

Having Infinite Red available as a mentor has helped us move forward with less trepidation. We know an experienced and knowledgeable developer is a Skype call away and ready to guide us in the right direction. So, as newcomers to the iOS world, Infinite Red has been indispensable. Thank you!

Joel Oliveira
Lead Developer at Change Collective

It has been a pleasure working with the Infinite Red team, they took over my project and really made a difference. They are effective and professional, always making sure I was taken care of. I appreciate their good attitude and the willingness to help in any circumstance.

Maria Villalpando
Founder of Kitzen

Community Leaders

With over 30 open source projects, a screencast series, multiple books and published articles, and heavy involvement in the React Native, Elixir, Rails, and Phoenix communities, our team is leading the way. We've organized meetups and conferences as well as participated in many others as speakers and attendees. If it's relevant to the technologies we love, we'll probably be involved in some capacity.

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Meet Our Team

Meet the team behind the magic at Infinite Red. We're very proud of our team of designers, engineers, and support staff.

Todd Werth
Founder & CEO
Las Vegas, NV

Todd Werth has created software for 20 years, with strong practical experience in leadership, programming, and design. He founded three companies, worked at various startups, and did consulting for many well-known Silicon Valley companies. He leads Infinite Red and is a prolific contributor to the open source community.

Ken Miller
Founder & CFO/CTO
San Francisco, CA

Ken Miller is a second-generation programmer with a Computer Science degree from Harvard. He's a veteran of both startups and larger companies, including stints at Yammer, Microsoft, Ofoto. Our resident 'big thinker', Ken has a particular interest in the many ways that people and computers interact as complete systems, in business and in life.

Jamon Holmgren
Founder & COO
Portland, OR

Jamon Holmgren started programming at the age of twelve. He started his first website design and development company, ClearSight, in 2005, producing websites, web apps, and mobile apps. Jamon is the creator of multiple open source libraries for Rails and iPhone/iPad apps, including ProMotion and RedPotion.