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If you're considering Expo for your next React Native app, we have the expertise!
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Your React Native toolchain for


application development

Expo offers a wide range of tools for developing and testing React Native applications, and provides the user interface and service components typically found in third-party React Native components.

Screenshot of a React Native code snippet in app.tsx file, showing the use of hooks for audio functionality, importing modules from react-native and expo, and displaying UI components for playing audio tracks.Mobile app screenshot displaying a React Native music player interface developed with Expo.

Expo fills in a lot of important


in the React Native ecosystem

High-Quality Libraries

Expo publishes and maintains top-tier third-party libraries, enhancing the React Native ecosystem.

Optimized Services

With services like EAS, Expo offers finely tuned solutions that streamline the development workflow.

Simplified Development

Expo provides tools that significantly ease the development process compared to using "vanilla" React Native.

Collage of three photos showing the Infinite Red team in various settings.
Image displaying two logos side-by-side: on the left, the Expo logo featuring a white uppercase 'A' on a dark blue circular background; on the right, the Infinite Red logo with two white infinity symbols on a red circular background.

We’re Trusted Expo Consultants

We are one of the first official Expo Consultant Partners and have worked closely with their team, contributing to Expo libraries and using Expo in client projects, for over six years.

We have deep expertise with Expo’s build tools, EAS, custom dev clients, custom config plugins, native code integrations, and much more.

Charlie Cheever, founder of Expo, recently came on our podcast. Give it a listen!

There’s a reason why we use Expo to build React Native Apps at Infinite Red

Infinite Red's consultants report high developer satisfaction, improved productivity, and lower stress levels when using Expo on their projects. All of those plus-sides make their way into an app that's top notch for you and your team.

Ideal for new projects

We recommend Expo specifically for new (greenfield) React Native applications. The Expo ecosystem, including Expo Application Services (EAS) for builds and deployments, integrates seamlessly with Ignite, a React Native starter kit or boilerplate, developed and maintained by Infinite Red.

Graphic illustration showing a terminal window with the command 'npx create-expo-app@latest' executed, resulting in a successful setup of a new project named 'MyCoolApp'. Surrounding the terminal are icons representing various Expo tools such as expo-barcode-scanner, expo-background-fetch, expo-location, app.json, and eas.json.

Faster time-to-market

Expo significantly accelerates the development and deployment cycle of React Native apps. Its comprehensive suite of tools and services, including the Expo Go app for immediate on-device testing and Expo Application Services (EAS) for simplified build and deployment processes, enables developers to iterate rapidly.

Graphic depiction of a terminal window showing the completion of app submission processes with the command 'eas submit', indicating successful submissions to the Play Store and the App Store. Above the terminal, icons for build and update processes are displayed, emphasizing the development cycle steps.

Positive impact on developer experience

Projects utilizing Expo are reported to have higher developer satisfaction and lower stress levels across Infinite Red, indicating a positive impact on productivity and well-being. This is a huge plus for your development team as well—they will love it.

Infinite Red developer, Jon Major, focused on coding at his workspace. He is wearing a black Infinite Red T-shirt and a matching cap, seated in front of a computer with code visible on the screen, and video recording equipment set up nearby.

Cross-platform compatibility

When an app has cross-platform compatibility, it reduces overhead in very measurable ways. From faster development time to a consistent user experience, this enables developers to write once and deploy across iOS and Android platforms efficiently.

Graphic representation of Expo's cross-platform capabilities, displaying a consistent application interface on both a desktop monitor and two smartphones. The image showcases the adaptability of an app developed with Expo, maintaining visual and functional consistency across different devices and screen sizes.
...but there are exceptions where Expo doesn’t make sense
We don't recommend using Expo if:

Your target platforms include those not supported by Expo, like react-native-windows.

You're involved in brownfield development, integrating React Native into an existing native application.

...but don't worry, we have you covered! Check out our "vanilla" React Native services.

In the Media

Ignite: Boilerplate starter kit integration with Expo

Ignite Embraces Expo's Innovations: A Seamless Integration with CNG and EAS

For several years, Infinite Red's popular React Native project starter Ignite has used Expo libraries to enhance its development processes. With the latest version, Ignite is now fully integrated with Expo's cutting-edge Continuous Native Generation (CNG) workflow and EAS build services! Expo is now the officially recommended route for most new Ignite projects.

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