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Tap, tap, is this thing on? Our team has given talks, led workshops, and trained engineering teams. We're not shy of the spotlight. Take a peek at some of the talks our team has given recently.

Consultancy Q&A with Jakie Rice

Jamon Holmgren, Gant Laborde

Resolving the great state debate with hooks, context, and mobX-state-tree

Jamon Holmgren

Build an iOS and Android app in 15 minutes using React Native

Jamon Holmgren

Witchcraft and wizardry

Gant Laborde

Testing, testing, 1, 2, NaN

Gant Laborde

Chain React 2019 speaker panel

Jamon Holmgren

Join the revolution

Gant Laborde

Building a community around Ignite

Jamon Holmgren

Intro to modern JavaScript

Jamon Holmgren


Chain React Conf

A US based conference exclusively for React Native bringing hundreds of developers together.

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