React Native

Ignite is an active React Native repo, invaluable to neophytes as well as seasoned professionals. As React Native grows in strength, so does Ignite.

Generators CLI

Simple onboarding for new developers. Install the CLI and generate anything from a starter app to a single opinionated component. Generators work seamlessly with our folder structure.


Our README and Wiki serve as a familiar reference for docs and materials, but we additionally blog about our preferred technology for an in-depth understanding on what makes the cut.

Best Practices

Ignite is a living document which is open to opinions and trials. When React Native evolves, we evolve Ignite to match it. Anyone can open a discussion thread on our repo.

How to Use It

We're here to help make your life easier.

Convenience Screens

A fresh install comes with friendly development screens.

Component Examples

Every component you write can have a live example for the Style Guide in the Component Examples screen.

Usage Examples

3rd party libraries and functionality examples can be demonstrated on our Usage Examples screen.

API Doc Testing

API can be tricky unless you have a solid way of making sure your application is doing it right! That's why we have the API Testing Screen.


Reusable styles are what keeps any application congruent. View colors and more on the Theme Screen.

Device Info

Having a single codebase means bugs can creep up on a specific device. Help identify differences with the Device Info screen.

Battle Tested

We use this to ship apps at Infinite Red! Join us and let's ship together.

Huge Time Savings

Applications share a lot of generatable code. Ignite is here to lay the groundwork for getting started. We use our generators to stub screens and functionality that every app needs!

Included Libs

Some of the most popular React Native libraries are already baked in and configured, including: Vector Icons, Redux, Redux-Saga, Drawer Navigation, I18n, Reactotron, Animatable and more.

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A quick look at what comes in the box.

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