Ignite CLI is Here

Get ready to ignite your next React Native project. After months of collaboration and hundreds of hours of work, Ignite CLI is finally here -- with React Native template boilerplates and more, all completely free! Ignite speeds up your app development by over two weeks on average.

Spin up a new React Native app in seconds

Creating a new React Native app is now effortless with Ignite CLI's default boilerplate template. Not only does it install in a matter of seconds, but it also comes with the best practices built-in and ready to go.

Boilerplates, plugins, & more. You decide what to use.

Ignite CLI is a React Native toolchain with boilerplates, plugins, and more. Choose from many existing boilerplates, or start your own! Support standalone plugins as you need them. Ignite CLI adapts to your project -- not the other way around.


iOS. Android. Ignite CLI works with both.

The reality is that we live in a world full of devices that run different operating systems. No longer do you have to choose one group of users over the other -- Ignite CLI's default boilerplate runs on both iOS and Android out of the box.


Sometimes called a ‘Style Guide’, or ‘Pattern Library’, Examples Screen is filled with usage examples of fundamental components for a given application. Use this merge-friendly way for your team to show, use, and test components. Examples are registered inside each component’s file for quick changes and usage identification.

Usage Examples

The Usage Examples screen is a playground for 3rd party libraries and logic proofs. Items on this screen can be composed of multiple components working in concert. Functionality demos of libraries and practices are included.

API Testing

Testing an API with Postman or APIary.io verifies the server works. The API Test screen is the next step; a simple in-app way to verify and debug your in-app API functions.

Create new endpoints in Services/Api.js, then add example uses to the endpoints array in Containers/APITestingScreen.js


The default Infinite Red App Template gets you started with a professional-looking app with sharply styled components.

Convenience Screens, Device Information, and so much more to get you up and running! 

Used On Projects Worldwide

We didn't create Ignite CLI just for fun. We use it on every mobile project we get at Infinite Red. From a regional pizza delivery business in Canada to a boutique auction company in Sweden, it's used throughout the globe on real projects.

Takes only seconds to get going.

Our GitHub README provides a step-by-step guide on how to start using Ignite CLI. If you are interested in writing your own plugin, or even starting your own boilerplate that can use your own plugins, check our docs folder for the correct quickstart. You can always join us at http://community.infinite.red to ask your questions in person.

No Gimmicks. Works on Install.

Whether you're using macOS, Windows, or Linux, our goal is to make things work right away! The modular plugin system gives you a friendly experience to add application features or write your own. Our goal is to be the co-pilot for your application build. The smoother we make the experience, the better. We're always open to feedback!

Ready to give it a go?

If you're ready to get a head start developing React Native apps, install it with npm or clone it from GitHub. Also, check out the usage guide on the repo.