You can use TensorFlow.js for machine learning in JavaScript

If you know JavaScript, you can learn TensorFlow.js. You'll start by working through some essential models in TensorFlow.js and then plunge further into neural networks, DataFrames, TensorFlow Hub, model conversion, transfer learning, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. When you finish this book, you'll know how to construct and deploy deep learning models with JavaScript and TensorFlow.js.

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Praise for Learning TensorFlow.js

Learning TensorFlow.js enables you to take your first steps with TensorFlow.js, allowing any JavaScript developer to gain superpowers in their next web application and beyond.
Jason Mayes
Senior DevRel Engineer for TensorFlow.js
What Gant has done with this book is to cut to the chase, and teach you the important stuff you need to know while keeping you firmly within the web developer role, using JavaScript and the Browser.
Laurence Moroney
Lead AI Advocate at Google
Gant's Ability to navigate explaining the complexities of machine learning while avoiding the pitfalls of complicated mathematics is uncanny, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better introduction to data science using JavaScript.
Lee Warrick
Full Stack JavaScript Developer
I'm delighted to have read Learning TensorFlow.js. It is without doubt a good way to get out of my comfort zone of backend engineering and try out building some exciting frontend applications, leveraging the power of the book's content about TensorFlow.js as the go-to framework for ML web applications.
Laura Uzcátegui
Software Engineer, Microsoft
This is a much-needed introduction to TensorFlow.js, with great examples, amazing illustrations, and insightful quotes at the beginning of each chapter. A must-read for anyone who's serious about doing AI with JavaScript
Alexey Grigorev
Founder of DataTalks.Club
I wish that I'd had this book myself to learn neural networks and TensorFlow.js in the past! Astonishingly simple and beautifully written, it goes from zero to doing a full capstone project in 12 short chapters. A must-have in every library.
Axel Sirota
Machine Learning Research Engineer
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A hands-on end-to-end approach to TensorFlow.js fundamentals for a broad technical audience

Given the interest for AI and JavaScript, a framework like TensorFlow.js was unavoidable. With this Google-backed system, AI veterans and web designers can take hold of the fate of AI-driven products. Author, Gant Laborde- - Google Developer Expert in machine learning and web- - gives an active way to deal with TensorFlow.js essentials.

Written by Gant Laborde,
a 20 year veteran of the industry

Gant, who has worked in tech since “the beginning of time”, leads Infinite Red as Chief Innovation Officer. He thrives on learning, mastering, and teaching new technologies, often through crafting engaging stories that help folks connect with advanced concepts. He is the author of a computer science book teaching Tensor.js, which he dedicated to his daughter Mila. A native of New Orleans, Gant enjoys wild movies and crafting strange things.

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Learning TensorFlow.js is available in print and ebook

Twelve action-packed chapters to bring you the best of the best

At the end of this book, you will know how to:

  • Investigate tensors, the most basic construction of AI data for training and inference
  • Convert media into tensors and back with a pragmatic and example-driven focus
  • Consolidate AI with the web utilizing TensorFlow.js
  • Use digital assets to train, and oversee AI information progress
  • Construct and train your own models using TensorFlow.js

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Gant spends much of his time out in the community talking about AI/ML to many different podcasts and conferences.

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