Talks from the team

If you're at a conference or meetup, you might run into an Infinite Red team member. We’ve attended, hosted, and spoken at conferences all over the world. Check out some of our recent talks and see where we’re headed next.

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Rocket Ship #30 - Ignite React Native Projects with Frank Calise

Frank Calise

React Native news, insights & gossip with React Native Radio

Jamon Holmgren

Igniting React Native upgrades with Flame AI

Jamon Holmgren

Two keys to AI's Future

Gant Laborde

Outrage-driven development to take your React Native app up a level

Mark Rickert

AI in web: TensorFlow.js

Gant Laborde

React Native: 2022 and beyond

Jamon Holmgren, Gant Laborde

Amplify your audience

Gant Laborde

AI & Society episode 1: our homes

Gant Laborde

Nothing on the calendar for our team. Check back soon!

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React Native Radio

A weekly podcast exploring React Native workflows, industry news. Tune in to explore React Native together.

Jamon Holmgren

Robin Heinze

Mazen Chami

Building Infinite Red

The owners of Infinite Red share stories and insights into creating and leading a software consultancy on the edge of tomorrow.

Todd Werth

Jamon Holmgren

Gant Laborde

Rocket Ship 030

Ignite React Native Projects with Frank Calise

In this episode, Simon interviews Frank Calise, Senior Software Engineer at Infinite Red. Frank discusses the role of open source at Infinite Red including Ignite, Infinite Red's battle-tested boilerplate React Native project.

Software Developers Journey

Jamon Holmgren Made His Own Independent Way

Tim Bourguignon and Jamon talk about being mesmerized by the command prompt of a Commodore 64, impromptu mentors, creating businesses, coding alone and in a team, networking and much more!

React Native Nerds Podcast

UI Kitten

Spencer and Jon welcome Gant Laborde, CIO of Infinite Red, AI Enthusiast, Tech genius and all around great guy to talk about a plethora of items. Our main topic is UI Kitten, a way to get a new app up and running without having to

Thunder Nerds Podcast

AI, Nicholas Cage, and the Declaration of Independence

In this episode, Gant and the Thundernerds team chat about Infinite Red, its name, and does a deep-dive into AI. They also discuss the current work from home experience, during COVID.

The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast

Scaling Up and Sustaining an Agency

Jamon talks about his experience as a developer and business owner and his journey co-founding and building his React and React Native agency, Infinite Red.


Why You Should Use React Native with Jamon Holmgren

Jamon joins the podcast team to talk about React Native, teaching, and state management.


Making Decisions in Remote Teams with Todd Werth

Todd Werth talks about leading a remote company & explains how big decisions are made when working remotely. Topics covered include: how the team mimics the “office water cooler”, and the common misconception about remote work.


Machine Learning with JavaScript? Gant Laborde teaches us Tensorflow.js

Gant Laborde talks about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The episodes covers what even is machine learning, do you need Math/Python to get into it, and what sorts of problems can it solve.

React Roundup

Ignite and the React Community with Jamon Holmgren

Jamon Holmgren talks about his background in coding. The panel discusses his React Finland talk on building a community around Ignite, a plugins and boilerplate maker for React that can speed up app creation.

React Native Radio

Chain React with Jamon Holmgren

Jamon Holmgren, one of the owners of Infinite Red, join the panel to discuss the recent Chain React in Portland, Oregon. Jamon shares how Chain React got started. The panel, who both attended chain react, share their experiences.


Leading a fully remote team with Jamon Holmgren

Jamon Holmgren about leading a fully remote team. What is it like to lead remotely? What are the downsides? How do you manage your time efficiently? And, how do you measure your team’s performance?

The Frontier Podcast

Does React Native Save Time and Money?

Ledge (host) wrote about how "React Native saves time and money" is false. Gant Laborde weighed in to note that he missed some things. Being multimedia superheroes, Ledge & Gant got on video for a friendly debate.

21st Century Work Life

Co-ordinating the Conversation in Remote Teams

Jamon and Pilar Orti discuss how in a larger team, Slack can evolve from being an asynchronous collaboration platform to more of a real-time communication tool, with higher expectations in terms of response time.

Getting Work to Work

Interview with Jamon Holmgren

Jamon and Chris discuss the role of design in Infinite Red’s work processes, how remote companies can succeed, the importance of building community, and reflections on the first Chain React conference.

Remote Works

Jamon Holmgren, COO of Infinite Red

Jamon Holmgren joined us to discuss his role as COO of Infinite Red and his journey as an entrepreneur and transitioning a traditional business into a remote team through merging his business.

Cultivate Now

45 React Native Conferences, Meetups, and Community with Gant Laborde

Nader and Gant discuss the importance of developer conferences & the React Native community. Discussion topics include, networking, getting a job at a conference and/or meet up, and how to write-off your travel expenses.