We craft each app to achieve clear objectives and goals.

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A Better Way of Building Apps

Great apps need the expertise of a multi-disciplinary team. They work together–from planning to implementation. Our process puts our strategists, designers, and developers to work side-by-side on your project. They’ll solve the unique challenges your app poses and uncover ways to make it even better than you imagined.

Research & Plan

Just like building a house, we start with architecture. Together, we’ll find the most effective solution to your unique business challenges.

Prototype & Design

A clickable, interactive prototype tests assumptions. It also ensures your app will be intuitive, easy to use, and meets your users’ needs.

Engineer & Develop

After you’ve approved the final high-fidelity design, our team gets to work solving the technical puzzles needed to bring your app to life.

Test & Deploy

Our engineering team thoroughly tests the code and eliminates any problems. They also oversee deployment for a smooth launch.

Reduce Risk, Maximize Impact

We’re more than just designers and technologists. We’re also business partners. We’ll help you weigh options, make recommendations, and achieve maximum results with your budget. Whatever your market, we can help you reach goals and set you apart from your competition.

The Best Apps Are Game Changers

Great apps have the potential to disrupt markets, multiply productivity, reduce costs or even go viral. But they can also go terribly wrong. The truth is that any worthwhile project will have unforeseen challenges to overcome, pitfalls to avoid, and wrong assumptions to be righted. This is where we are at our best. We have the knowledge and skills to help you mitigate risk, make smart trade-offs, and get the maximum value for your budget.

How Much Will It Cost?

Every project involves unique technical challenges and unknowns. At the start of a project, we know the least about it, so any estimates will be rough. Instead of trying to set a fixed price and fixed scope, we help our clients answer, "What should I budget to have enough resources to succeed?”. Once we have a ballpark idea on the budget, we can adjust the scope in either breadth or depth, incorporating new knowledge and ideas as we get deeper into the project.

Open Source Leaders

Our awesome development team has built dozens of popular open source libraries. We're known for our contributions and leadership in tech old and new. We publish the official React Native Newsletter, the creators of Reactotron and Ignite. We are also on the forefront of Elixir with Daniel's screencast.

Organizers of The React Native Conference, Chain React

Chain React: The React Native Conference consists of multiple talks on React Native given by mobile software engineers at Facebook, AirBnB, and others, on a variety of topics from beginner to expert level. Our first conference was a resounding success and we can't wait for next year!

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#1 Newsletter For The React Native Community

Infinite Red curates the React Native Newsletter which has well over 10,000 subscribers and is the premier place for Reach Native news, articles, tutorials, announcements, and much more.

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Whether you need an iOS, Android, Mac, web app, or custom website, we can design and develop it for your startup or business. We won't just take your product and run with it, we want to build a dynamic, longstanding client/agency partnership, working closely with you from start to finish.

We really appreciate all the help Infinite Red provided to us when building our app: mentoring, building features, and fixing hard to find bugs. They were always available, always professional, and a real pleasure.

Dan Aronson
CTO, Fandor

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