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Our React Native consultants are the best in the business.

React Native is all we do.

If you need help with your
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We know a lot of companies claim to be the top React Native companies.
But we're the only ones who are 100% focused on React Native.


Since 2015

When React Native started, so did Infinite Red. We opened our doors in October of 2015, just a month after React Native for Android was released.


Only senior-level

We hire only senior-level React Native consultants who have worked on high-level projects for years and years.
And they stay with us -- our turnover is among the lowest in the industry.


Highly Trained

Once a consultant joins Infinite Red, the learning intensifies. We have dedicated Friday mornings to learning. After all, React Native doesn't stop evolving -- neither should we.


Fantastic Communication

Not only do we hire for the best React Native technologists, we also hire for great communicators. Because consulting isn't just about code.

Reduce risk, maximize impact

We’re more than just React Native software developers and engineers. Consulting is about being a partner.

We’ll help you weigh options, make recommendations, and achieve maximum results with your budget.

If there's a hard problem, we're more than willing to take it on. This reduces your risk and allows you to do what you're good at, and leave the React Native development to us.

Level up your team

While we build your app, we work right alongside your development team to train, help, and build confidence to take over the React Native app when the time comes.

If we do our jobs, you'll be able to trust your team to take over. And you'll know who to call when the next big React Native challenge comes along.

How much will it cost?

Every project involves unique technical challenges and unknowns. At the start of a project, we know the least about it, so any estimates will be rough. We bill by the week and always want the answer to "is Infinite Red a great value" to be a resounding "YES!" We want you to stay with us because you like working with us, not because you're locked into some onerous contract.

Work with us

We're leaders in the React Native community

When it comes to React Native, our experience is second to none. Our team of software engineers have used React Native to build apps for some of the industry's leading companies. For over 5 years we've helped maintain some of React Native's most popular open source projects. We've also hosted the only React Native conference the US, we publish the React Native Newsletter, and you can hear our engineers hosting the React Native Radio podcast. Can we say "React Native" one more time? Short answer: yes.

Organizers of the React Native conference, Chain React

Chain React: The React Native Conference consists of multiple talks on React Native given by mobile software engineers at Facebook, AirBnB, and others, on a variety of topics from beginner to expert level. Our first conference was a resounding success and we can't wait for next year!

#1 Newsletter in the React Native community

Infinite Red curates the React Native Newsletter which has well over 10,000 subscribers and is the premier place for Reach Native news, articles, tutorials, announcements, and much more.

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There’s no perfect time to get started. Whether you have a formal proposal or a few napkin sketches, we’re always happy to chat about your project at any stage of the process.

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