Infinite Red Presents Chain React 2018

The US React Native Conference. July 11-13, 2018 in Portland.

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Improving Interactive Lessons

Blendspace, or Tes Teach, offers a way for teachers to create digital interactive lessons in minutes. They came to us with a design in hand, and we collaborated with them to finalize the look and flow and bring their vision to life. During development, our engineers were challenged by the need for the app to be able to create educational courses quickly and without sluggishness. Our team found creative solutions for avoiding unnecessary elements and increasing the app’s responsiveness, and in doing so raised the bar for interactive development on React Native. We’re incredibly proud of how smoothly this app runs using the React Native framework.

Custom React Native Development

The biggest challenge was achieving smooth animation and handling of pan gestures on slower iOS devices, which we solved - in part - by avoiding unnecessary screen refreshes wherever possible and optimizing the pan gesture handling code.


Senior Software Developer, Infinite Red